Current Permitted Sites

Fire Mountain Farms provides vertically integrated services in the Biosolids industry.

We have been involved in the recycling of Biosolids since 1986. We have Biosolids land application sites permitted in various counties in Washington and Oregon, we are always seeking to expand to new sites.We take great pride in insuring that everything is done with high standards. We monitor all of our sites with standards the EPA & Washington Dept. of Ecology  has provided and also our own. We monitor with soil testing, and keep very detailed records of all biosolids that we bring onto our sites including where they came from what they consist of and where they are intended to go and for what crop is needed to be most beneficial. That includes transportation and land application. Fire Mountain Farms is committed to environmentally sound and economically sustainable practices. We have the expertise and experience to provide quality, dependable services. If interested in discussing options and costs, please contact us.

Biosolids are a resource too valuable to waste. Biosolids are the nutrient-rich organic product of wastewater treatment. A beneficial resource biosolids contain essential nutrients and organic matter and are recycled as fertilized and soil amendment. Crop growth depletes the soil of the natural nutrients that reside in the soil. Biosolids can be applied to re-establish these nutrients such as: zinc, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Biosolids that are used in land application increase the yield of the crop, promote root growth by improving soil, enhancing moisture retention, and encouraging earthworms. Some examples of crops that are produced on land that is utilizing biosolids for fertilizer or soil amendment: hay, barley, corn, peas, as well as many other types of crops ranging from animal feed to food grade products. Biosolids are used for many types of land applications: fertilizing, balancing nutrients in farm land, and reclaiming land that was otherwise no longer usable in producing crops such as old mines and rock quarries, areas of erosion, and areas that have been stripped for other uses. Biosolids help to regain the lands usage by introducing the necessary nutrients and organic matter back into the soil and creating a stable area for plant life and vegetation to flourish again.

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