Fire Mountain Farms, Inc. 

About Us


Originally a farming and cattle operation, Fire Mountain Farms became involved in biosolids recycling projects in 1984 while farming 140 acres. The opportunities to grow and make an impact on our community have been plentiful throughout the years.

Setting the pace for the industry is just who we are. Working in conjunction with Department of Ecology and Wastewater Treatments Plants we are able to dredge lagoons, transport material and apply to agricultural land for much less than our competitors; saving cities, and taxpayers a lot of money. We are also putting a renewable resource to good work as a fertilizer! This isn't the same fertilizer you purchase from the hardware store and apply to your garden or flowerbed. Actually, biosolids are strictly regulated which you can learn more about on the page titled "Informational Links".

Fire Mountain Farms is unique in the way that we must work with contractors, commercial truck drivers, Department of Ecology, Department of Health, Wastewater Treatment Plants, farmers and neighbors to strike a balance in a tricky business that has offered us the opportunity to work in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Today our operation consists of over 800 acres throughout Lewis County in Washington state. We raise commercial Simmental Cattle, hay, grain, and timber.  This family owned and operated business continues to meet the growing demands of our suppliers while maintaining our modest and humble roots.